CoT Pathfinder

The Rebel Hideout

and A Dramatic Rescue

Upon exiting the sewers, our unlikely heroes find themselves in an out-of-the-way alley behind a condemned Shrine of Aroden that apparently now serves as a secret safe house for Arael and Janiven’s rebel group. After providing food and a chance to clean up, Janiven introduces the party to several members of her group who are present at the time. One member in particular, a young man named Gorvio, takes a particular shine to Fortunato. The party members join a discussion aimed at choosing a name for the loosely-organized band. On Draco’s suggestion, the group decides to take the name ‘Eyes of Aroden’, as well as deciding to disguise themselves with party masks when acting in public. Overall, the party receives a warm welcome from the rebels, but pleasantries are put on hold when word arrives about the fate of Arael. It seems Arael has been captured by the Order of the Rack, and is due to be transferred to the Order’s Citadel a short distance outside the city at dawn. This leaves the newly-named Eyes of Aroden only a few hours to stage an attempt for Arael’s rescue . Draco devises what proves to be an efficient plan involving the party, Janiven, and 10 other members of the Eyes. The Order of the Rack’s entire honor guard of armigers were put to the sword, and a badly beaten but otherwise-unharmed Arael was successfully rescued.



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